About Us

Our Philosophy


At Breakthrough Therapies, we are single minded in our commitment to making tangible strides towards reducing pain and suffering for all our patients.  We are ambitious in our efforts and know that being at the forefront of change depends on earning trust and bringing our community together.  

We know that change starts with ourselves and for this reason, our approach is deeply rooted in the character and qualities of our own people.  We have expertise that comes with time, after post-graduate training and professional practice over time. We are fun, friendly, and professional.

It is our view that the patient is the ‘expert’ on what is needed for their own well-being.  The therapist is the expert on helping the patient access their own inner knowledge.  This is a new way of thinking about the treatment of mental health.   It is a new way of thinking about the therapeutic relationship and what is possible if there is trust in the relationship.   We know trust is earned.  With this new way of thinking, we work hard to gain the trust of our patients and endeavour to make a tangible change in their lives.

Our Vision

To create settings of beauty and safety for our patients’ healing, and self-transformation; to become leaders in the development and practice of Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy by building an integrated and collaborative psychedelic community.

Our Mission

To continually acquire disruptive knowledge, old and new, and integrate this knowledge uniquely and innovatively to maximize our patients’ healing.  We will operationalize our innovations in the teaching, training, and mentoring of emerging therapists.  We will also innovate in education and research by collaborating with the best, most qualified individuals in the disruption of old structures that no longer work.

Our Values

Our Patient is the Epicentre
We are aware that our patients suffer a great deal, and our work is to alleviate some, or all, of that suffering.  We strive to improve our capacities for deep listening, non-interference, and expanded awareness to provide the best, most transformative experience possible for our patients.

We respect and remain in awe of the infinite complexity of the human mind.  We remain on a constant quest to understand more and commit to applying our knowledge in a nuanced and humble way to achieve the best possible outcomes for our patients.  

We intend to remain radically honest and transparent in our dealings with anyone associated with our practice.  We believe full disclosure is at the heart of trusting and sustained relationships with our patients and our partners. 


We intentionally strive to always maintain a non-judgmental attitude in all our interactions to create an environment in which all individuals feel understood and included.  


We respect and honour the view that there are many paths that lead us to knowing ourselves better, from indigenous and shamanic, to empirical and evidence-based, to spiritual and Gaia-based cosmologies. All are welcome. 

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