About Us

We are a group of highly trained multidisciplinary psychedelic therapists, passionate about our work.  We are dedicated to the highest quality of care for our patients, with our core values of safety, trust, and integrity at the core of everything we do. We strive to embody our values in all aspects of our work.

We respect the complexity of the human mind and are constantly seeking to deepen our understanding in order to achieve the best possible outcomes for our patients.

We respect and honor the many paths that lead to self-knowledge, including Indigenous and Shamanic, Empirical  or evidence-based, and Spiritual and Gaia-based cosmologies. All are welcome.

What makes us unique?

At Breakthrough Therapies, our unwavering commitment is to alleviate suffering for our patients. We’re determined to lead change by building trust and unity in our community.

We believe patients are experts in their own well-being, and therapists help them access their inner wisdom, often with the aid of mind-expanding compounds. This represents a groundbreaking approach to mental health treatment and redefines therapeutic relationships based on trust, which we work diligently to earn.

Our approach is deeply rooted in the character and qualities of our own people, reflecting expertise honed through practice, specialized training, and professional experience. We are an approachable, friendly team dedicated to making a meaningful difference in our patients’ lives.

Our Vision

Our vision is to craft environments of unparalleled beauty and unwavering safety, fostering the profound healing and self-transformation of our patients. As we strive to be pioneers in the realm of Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy, we are dedicated to forging a united and synergistic psychedelic community that drives innovation and excellence in both the development and application of these transformative therapeutic practices.

Our Mission

Our mission is an unceasing quest to acquire disruptive knowledge, whether ancient wisdom or cutting-edge insights, and to fuse this wisdom into innovative approaches that amplify the healing potential for our patients. We are committed to bringing our innovations to life through comprehensive teaching, training, and mentorship programs for emerging therapists.

Moreover, we aspire to be trailblazers in the realm of education and research. We aim to achieve this by forging collaborations with the most exceptional and qualified minds, united in the pursuit of dismantling outdated structures that no longer serve the evolving needs of our field.

Our Values


Our Patient is the Core of our Work

We are aware that our patients suffer a great deal, and our work is to alleviate some, or all, of that suffering.  We strive to improve our capacities for deep listening, non-interference, and expanded awareness to provide the best, most transformative experience possible for our patients.



We respect and remain in awe of the infinite complexity of the human mind.  We remain on a constant quest to understand more and commit to applying our knowledge in a nuanced and humble way to achieve the best possible outcomes for our patients.  



We intend to remain radically honest and transparent in our dealings with anyone associated with our practice.  We believe full disclosure is at the heart of trusting and sustained relationships with our patients and our partners. 




We intentionally strive to always maintain a non-judgmental attitude in all our interactions to create an environment in which all individuals feel understood and included.  



We respect and honour the view that there are many paths that lead us to knowing ourselves better, from indigenous and shamanic, to empirical and evidence-based, to spiritual and Gaia-based cosmologies. All are welcome.



Dr. Dawn DeCunha

Founder & Psychologist

I am Dawn DeCunha, a seasoned Clinical and Educational Psychologist with a remarkable career spanning more than three decades. Graduating with a Doctorate in Psychology from the esteemed University of Toronto in 1991, I embarked on a journey that led to the establishment of Psychology Works, a well-known and established community-based practice.

My early professional years were dedicated to School Psychology, a domain that honed my expertise in cognition, brain function, attention, learning, and self-regulation. As my journey evolved, I directed my focus towards engaging with the multicultural community I both served and resided in. This endeavor enriched my understanding of how families from diverse backgrounds navigate through unexpected and life-altering changes. This phase marked a pivotal shift as I embraced a trauma-informed approach, enhancing my ability to provide meaningful assistance.

My training encompasses not only psychological assessment but also treatment, resulting in a very busy practice. With a background rooted in learning, I found myself uniquely equipped to guide young individuals referred for treatment and educational/life planning following acquired brain injuries. This expertise seamlessly extended to the legal sphere, where my expertise was sought in legal matters.

Some years ago, a transformative personal event acted as a catalyst for a sudden, and significant transformation in my journey. 

Tatiana santini

Lead therapist – MA, RP, RCC, SEP, RRT

I am a trauma therapist, somatic experiencing practitioner (SEP), with formal training and a post graduate certificate in Psychedelic Assisted Therapies and Research from CIIS. I am also formally trained in Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP). My work involves a number of modalities depending on individual needs. I favour somatic experiencing, mindfulness-based, body oriented and transpersonal approaches. I specialize in trauma, addiction, psychedelic integration and Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy.  I have considerable experience in running group journeys and have a started teaching, training and mentoring emerging psychedelic psychotherapists.

Dr. Jacqueline kosta


Dr. Jacqueline Kosta is a Psychiatrist who graduated from medical school at the University of Ottawa in 2013. She completed her residency training at the University of Toronto in 2018. She has worked in student health at the University of Toronto and Toronto Metropolitan University. She has also worked more extensively with those struggling with chronic pain and addictions. She has a strong interest in trauma work, in the treatment of mood and anxiety, and the assessment and treatment of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder.  

Dr. Naveed syed


Dr. Naveed Syed graduated from St. George’s University School of Medicine in Grenada and completed his residency in Family Medicine at the University of Toronto.  He has extensive experience in the following areas of medicine including:  hospital medicine, post-acute care, mental health, palliative care, pain management and senior’s health.  Dr. Syed has a passion for helping patients understand their health and medications to help them live happier, healthier lives.

dr olga henderson

Psychological Consultant (Psychologist)

Dr. Olga Henderson is a senior psychologist who limits her practice to Clinical Assessments only. She has more than three decades of experience in the assessment of children, youth and adults.  She has extensive experience in Family Court, conducting Sec. 30 and Sec. 54 Court Ordered Assessments.

Psychology Works congratulates Dr. Henderson on her recent retirement from active practice.   Dr. Henderson now limits her practice to teaching, training, consultation and mentoring.  We look forward to an ongoing professional and fruitful relationship with Dr. Henderson in her new role with us. 

ania Malgorzata janik

Medical Associate (Nurse Practitioner)

Nurse Practitioner, Ania Janik holds a Bachelor of Nursing Science from Ryerson University and a Master of Science of Nursing – Acute Nurse Practitioner –Adult stream from University of Toronto and has been a member of Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing. Ania has been a Nurse Practitioner for 12 years working in Internal Medicine for 10 years and Emergency Medicine prior to that. Ania has over 23 years of Critical care and Trauma experience, including over 14 years as a Rapid Response Team member.

Dr. Erick ROAT

Psychedelic-informed clinician (psychologist)

Dr. Erick Roat is a clinical psychologist with broad experience treating a wide range of difficulties, including extensive experience in trauma-focused work with military personnel, first responders, and survivors of abuse. He is also experienced in psychological assessment including educational, diagnostic, and Family Court assessments.

Dr. Roat has a strong interest in human growth and flourishing, and in what philosophy and science can teach us about how to live more productively, meaningfully and joyfully; his work blends Cognitive-Behavioural techniques and person-centered approaches to help clients develop new capabilities and enhance existing strengths, to meet their individual challenges. 

Monica lau

Qualifying Psychedelic-informed clinician 

Monica is currently working towards becoming a registered psychotherapist. She enjoys working with individuals in the areas of grief, end-of-life, existential/spiritual matters,  identity, trauma, life transitions and holotropic states. Monica blends behavioural, relational and person-centred approaches to create a safe and non-judgemental space to explore whatever you may bring. She supports clients to develop a deeper understanding of themselves that encourages clients to move through their lives with more ease and resilience.

Ravina Sankar

Practicum Student

Ravina is a recent graduate of York University’s Specialized Honours Psychology program, where she completed her undergraduate thesis project on the relation between adverse childhood events and feelings of mattering in university students. She has previously served as a laboratory assistant, peer tutor, and student health ambassador at her university, and aspires to continue helping others achieve personal growth, and work through depression and anxiety, as a counselor/clinical psychologist in the future. As a volunteer with BTT, she is interested in learning more about Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy, and its capacity to change perspectives and neural connectivity for clients in treatment.


Mukta gandhi

Clinic Manager

My name is Mukta Gandhi. I am very excited to join the Psychology Works Family as an Office Manager.

I have 14+ years in the rehab world dealing with many aspects of business such as payroll, accounts payable, receivables, hiring, training, relationship building with MVA adjusters, WSIB adjudicators and legal teams.

I like to challenge myself with new things and learn from different experiences of those around me. I like to create a collaborative and inclusive environment that leads to efficiencies  in the flow of the clinic.


Namseet Ghurbhurrun

Practicum Student

Passionate about exploring the therapeutic potential of psychedelics, Namseet is on a mission to make a positive impact in the field of mental health. Currently, she is channeling her enthusiasm and expertise as the  IT and Communications person at Breakthrough Therapies. With a profound interest in the healing powers of psychedelic therapy, Namseet aspires to become a dedicated psychotherapist, helping individuals on their journey to emotional and physical well-being. 

Jennifer Powell

Marketing Executive

Jennifer Powell is an industry-recognized leader in digital marketing, brand strategy and integration. Her approach to digital strategy includes utilization of unique digital technologies, integrated social platforms and emotional storytelling to engage audiences in a way that feels genuine & authentic. Jenn is a deep believer in psychedelic therapy and an advocate for change. She believes that our greatest opportunity is to lead with kindness, compassion and embrace every chance for human connection.