Investors & Partners

Our vision is “to become leaders in the development and practice of Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy by building an integrated and collaborative psychedelic community.”

We believe that the future success of psychedelic medicine depends on collaboration and entrepreneurship, and uniting the psychedelic community around a common set of principles.  

As such, we remain open for conversations with all serious parties in the psychedelic sphere.  We take the position that relationships need not be conventional, as long as they exist for a clear purpose.   In a field where opportunities abound, we are open to:

  • direct investment into our vision and growth;
  • strategic partnerships with entities whose activities/strengths complement ours;
  • collaboration with prescribing MDs and MDs for government outreach 
  • real estate investors interested in acquiring unique retreat properties;
  • franchising our brand and protocols in diverse geographies;
  • conducting the psychotherapy aspect of psychedelic research and trials;
  • joint ventures of any kind to facilitate mutual growth and geographical expansion.

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Our strategic plans are available for qualified parties.