Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP)





Consciousness:  It’s not what you think

Psychedelic journeys are unique to each patient. At BTT, we tailor psychotherapy and ketamine dosage for personalized healing



start your healing journey.



Set, Setting, Integration




Onboarding process

Maintenance sessions

What is the KAP protocol at BTT?

Drawing upon our extensive expertise in administering KAP, a standard protocol often takes the form outlined below. Nevertheless, we are dedicated to tailoring your healing journey to align with your unique needs and preferences.

How KAP works


Service Duration Format Price
Connect for a FREE KAP Fit Call
Ask any questions/go through the KAP experience
Phone call
Complete a Safety Screener
Your health is of up most importance to us. we want to make sure
Ketamine-Assisted option works best for you & you are able to proceed.
Quallifying Assessments



Psychiatric (as needed)

These assessments are mandatory to move through to a Ketamine-Assisted Journey.

120-150 minutes
In-person with clinician
Online with clinician
Online with clinician
Prep #1 Session
90 minutes
Online with clinician
Prep #2 Session
90 minutes
Online with clinician
Journey Sessions (6 sessions)
*Traditional KAP protocol is up to 6 sessions. However, we will monitor
and work with you to determine best amount of journeys.
3 hours each
In-person with clinician
$900 each*
After Care Session
90 minutes

Online with clinician

Maintenance Session
On-going maintenance sessions available 
60 minutes
Online with clinician
Medication & Administration

6 – 300 mg Ketamine Journey Dose included
Dispensing fee/delivery & storage


Group Program

Qualifying Assessments & 1 Prep are required for Group program.
Service Format Price
Full-Day Session 
1:1 Therapist support
Dose Session

Lunch included

Group Work
Includes: Reiki session, massage, or sound bath in afternoon

Ask about about Self-Care Sundays Maintenance & Journeys without Medicine Programs.

**Overnight accommodations available for those who want to rest & relax after their Ketamine Journey or have someone join them in aftercare.

For your convenience, payment for each session can be made individually, with no upfront payment needed.

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