Level 3: Putting into practice: Mentorship Training 
$3600 + HST

Explore the world of Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy in this introductory course. 

Unlock the next level of expertise with our exclusive Mentoring Practicum tailored for graduates of our esteemed Breakthrough Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) Training. Building upon the strong foundation of our KAP program, this advanced practicum elevates your competence, refining skills, and providing hands-on experience in this transformative space.

Are you prepared to soar to new heights in your therapeutic practice? Our program is rooted in the belief that continuous practice is the key to mastery. Delve deeper into the essential stages of KAP, from preparation to aftercare, fostering proficiency and compassion in this transformative field.

Experience the power of hands-on learning through our Mentoring Practicum, designed to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy. Gain confidence as a proficient practitioner, supported by intensive mentoring and a vibrant peer community.

Our Breakthrough KAP model seamlessly integrates psychedelic insights into a self-regulation framework, nurturing fresh perspectives and profound psychological transformations. Tailored for diverse backgrounds and methodologies, this program enables you to effectively serve a wide range of clients.

Join a specialized lead trainer in real-time experiences, fostering a community where diverse training styles converge to create a rich learning environment. This transformative experience shapes not just your career, but also your confidence and compassion as a practitioner.

As a mentee in this phase, students have the opporunity to work alongside a Lead Therapist as ‘co-therapists,’ ensuring comprehensive and collaborative treatment approaches for optimal patient outcomes.


Dr. Dawn DeCunha


Dr. Dawn DeCunha is a clinical psychologist with more than two decades of experience in trauma informed assessment and treatment. She is evolving her work from trauma informed to psychedelically informed and brings cutting edge, novel and disruptive treatment paradigms to the traditional sphere of evidence based psychological assessment and treatment of vulnerable populations. She is a fully qualified trainer and mentor of therapists practicing Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy.