Our KAP Program

Psychedelic treatment at BTT is different. You’re invited to receive your treatment in-person at our gorgeous retreat center: “Aspenwood” in North Toronto. It’s the perfect setting in which to embark on a safe and professionally supervised journey of healing and self-discovery.

start your healing journey.

Ketamine treatment can forge new neuropathways in your brain that help transform the way you think.

 We offer four core options and work with you to decide which package suits you best.  Packages and pricing will vary depending on individual needs.

All packages consist of four phases: Assessment & Eligibility, Pre-dosing Preparation, Dosing & Integration, and Aftercare.

1. Assessment & Eligibility Phase

  • Individual Eligibility Screening (complimentary)
  • Clinical Assessment
  • Psychological health questionnaire
  • Medical health questionnaire
  • Psychological wellness screening
  • Medical document review

2. Pre-dosing Preparation Phase

  • Journey Preparation
  • Individual online clinical session with a psychedelic therapist to review assessment results and set goal(s) for treatment
  • Referral to physician for medical screening and ordering of medicine – consultation with the physician to review medical history and personal health safety
  • Learning and rehearsing expanded state skills – two extended online clinical group sessions with a psychedelic therapist

3. Dosing & Integration Phase

There are four options:

  1. Half Day Option

Individual in-person package – 3-hour itinerary including:

  • Check in and orientation
  • Oral Ketamine dose session
  • a 60-minute integration session
  1. Full Day Group Option

In-person small group packages – 8-hour itinerary including:

  • orientation and preparation
  • oral Ketamine dose session
  • private integration in one of our spaces dedicated for self-reflection
  • group integration to share journey experience and capture learnings
  • food provided – healthy lunch and nutritious afternoon snacks
  • use of our unique natural space, designed for both personal reflection and group activity
  1. Online Option
  • A series of six 90-minute online low-dose sessions each followed by a 60-minute online group integration session.
  1. Individual Concierge Option
  • Full day individual in-person package, including all the elements of 2. above but with a one-on-one service with a therapist

4. Aftercare Phase

  • online aftercare session after completion of dosing phase to review Aftercare Plan and self-monitoring
  • Post-treatment assessment and outcome monitoring
  • Progress report completed and sent to patient and referring doctor
Program Assess/Prep Dosing Integration Aftercare Total

Individual online

(90-min low dose)

$1,950 $600 Included $300 $4,850

Individual in-person

(3-hour higher dose)

$1,950 $975 Included $300 $6,150

Group in-person

(full day, higher dose)

$1,950 $1,215 Included $300 $7,515

Individual concierge

(full day, higher dose)


A typical course of treatment consists of four dosing treatments, carried out weekly. The psychologist will assess whether further treatment is required after the course is completed.

Rates and recommended treatment plans will vary depending on the patient.

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