Self Care Sundays 

Are you intrigued by the world of psychedelics but hesitant about taking ketamine? Have you already undergone psychedelic treatment and are now seeking to refine your self-care and self-regulation skills? In that case, Self Care Sundays could be the perfect fit for you!

Come and join us for an inclusive and informative experience as we delve into the significance of self-care, recognizing that this is a task only we can fulfill for ourselves. Self-care stands as a cornerstone of our Awareness program, offering immense advantages to those aiming to uplift their mental well-being and facilitate the path to healing and transformation. To assist individuals in mastering these crucial skills, we present Self Care Sundays—an online group session designed to enhance accessibility, minimize costs, and help regulate inner turmoil.

Throughout these sessions, participants will acquire the art of cultivating self-regulation, establishing positive daily routines, and engaging in contemplative practices, including daily self-reflection and self-observation. Our approach empowers you to evaluate and monitor your progress, always benchmarking against your personal best to gauge growth and change. In contrast to more conventional psychological methods like CBT or EMDR, we adopt an “inside out” approach, concentrating on inner states of mind that hold potential for faster, more effective, and lasting healing.

We invite you to invest 60 minutes in your online journey of self-awareness skills development—a platform to amplify, reinforce, and sustain the strides achieved in your self-care voyage, without the use of medicine. Join us on this enriching path of self-discovery.

Program Details: Every Sunday (Start date to be announced shortly)


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