Welcome to Aspenwood, where the fusion of nature’s magnificence and architectural grace creates a sanctuary conducive to introspection, revitalization, and the exploration of nature’s therapeutic influence.

Discover aspenwood

A retreat centre that seamlessly melds nature’s tranquility and architectural brilliance, serving as a haven for those seeking solace, growth, and renewal in an urban oasis.

Nestled within the heart of Toronto, Aspenwood epitomizes the fusion of nature and architecture, crafting an immersive environment that intricately links our guests to the transformative impact of nature on holistic well-being. Encircled by lush trees and natural landscapes, our retreat’s tranquil setting forms an ideal canvas for introspection, healing, and personal evolution.

Aspenwood has been meticulously curated to prioritize your comfort and healing journey. Thoughtfully balancing communal areas for social bonding and group activities with intimate sanctuaries tailored for self-nurturing and introspection, we ensure space for both shared growth and private reflection.


  • Community room – Step into our inviting Community Room, a haven brimming with natural light and beauty. Conceived as a hub for engaging conversations, meaningful connections, and the exchange of experiences, it’s a space that encourages both lively interactions and serene moments of solitude. Whether you’re seeking inspiration through artwork, putting pen to paper in your journal, or simply yearning to unwind, this room offers you the choice to actively participate or bask in quiet contemplation, allowing you to rejuvenate, ponder, and absorb knowledge at your own pace.
  • Medicine roomWelcome to the serene ambiance of our Medicine Room, a space thoughtfully crafted to support group preparations, guide medicine journeys, facilitate integration, and host aftercare sessions. Here, every detail has been considered to provide an environment that fosters healing, growth, and holistic well-being.
  • Private rooms – For those who cherish absolute privacy, our design includes a range of private rooms meticulously tailored to cater to every facet of your journey. From thorough preparation and transformative dose journeys to seamless integration and contemplative reflection time, these spaces are dedicated to providing you with an exclusive sanctuary for each stage of your experience.
  • Outdoor activities – While contemplating and conversing have their merits, it’s essential to recognize their limits. We enthusiastically advocate embracing action—embarking on activities that engage not just your mind and words but your entire being. At Aspenwood, an array of outdoor pursuits awaits your participation: take a revitalizing dip in our infinity pool, immerse yourself in the art of gardening, practice the graceful flow of tai chi, explore the trails on a rejuvenating hike, or partake in a yoga class within the tranquility of our dedicated garage yoga room. Remember, it’s through these purpose-driven endeavors that a fuller connection to your authentic self is forged.

To unravel further insights and secure your participation in our upcoming events, we warmly encourage you to contact us for comprehensive details.