Experience Kimberley Retreat Center, a sanctuary situated in the breathtaking Beaver Valley of Grey County’s Highlands.

Discover Kimberley

With the Bruce Trail at our doorstep, your journey here is an immersive escape into nature’s embrace, where each step along the trail becomes a gateway to rejuvenation, self-discovery, and a profound connection with the wilderness.

Nestled within the heart of the untouched Beaver Valley in the Grey County Highlands, lies the quaint hamlet of Kimberley. Our retreat center harmoniously abuts the Bruce Trail, inviting exploration of this pristine and untamed pathway as an intrinsic facet of your country escape.

Embracing the rugged allure of the countryside, our retreat offers an uncontained ambiance distinct from our urban counterpart. Every endeavor unfolds in the great outdoors, including the transformative medicine journey—a journey where nature is the ultimate backdrop.

Here, we embolden individuals on a personal expedition of self-discovery, recognizing that the path to self-awareness is an intimate voyage. We firmly believe in the multitude of healing modalities, celebrating the pivotal roles that fellow therapists and healers play in our ever-evolving community.

Our paramount goal is to empower our guests to reclaim control over their healing odyssey, customizing their retreat experience to match their aspirations. We stand as pillars of support, wholeheartedly dedicated to aiding guests as they channel their focus towards self-improvement.


For dates and comprehensive information, we extend a warm invitation to connect with us. Your journey towards well-being begins with the first step.