Welcome to Aspenwood

Announcing our new Full-Day Immersive Treatment Program!

Psychedelic treatments are bringing about a revolution in mental health care treatment. Our experience helping patients find healing with psychotherapy combined with the appropriate dosage of ketamine is unmatched.

our one-of-a-kind psychedelic retreat in the City of Toronto

We look forward to seeing you here to experience it for yourself.  Until then, here are some details:

We acquired Aspenwood with a view to creating a custom-made facility that exudes and aura of safety, security, privacy and serenity – the quintessential setting to promote reflection, contemplation, recuperation, meditation, healing and transformation.

We designed the areas of the retreat to reflect the experience we wanted our patients to have.  For gatherings designed for social interaction, sharing and learning from others’ experiences, we incorporated a Community Room with areas to make conversation, do artwork, write a journal, relax and reflect.

Our Group Room allows for group self-care sessions, training and dosing treatments.

A series of smaller rooms are designed for dosing, some more private interaction with your therapist, or some alone time to reflect and process your experience.  We will respond to your requests during your journey of healing with us.

For those who are more inclined towards outdoor activity, there is a delightful variety of outdoor pursuits available to you:  take a dip in our dramatic infinity pool, stretch your body in a beautiful spot, walk around the manicured grounds, take a longer walk on the ravine and trails behind the retreat, find a place to stand or sit and reflect overlooking nature – the possibilities are endless.  

Our eclectic yoga room will be available for guided yoga sessions at certain times. 

With our underlying philosophy being that you will be the driving force behind your own healing, we invite you to let us know how you would like to experience Aspenwood.  We will be here to support you.

WE Got You Covered

Safe Facility

Our state of the art facility has been beautifully renovated and designed to maximize your mental health transformation.

Your Home Away from Home

Our facility offers total peace of mind, privacy and security.

transformational treatments

Our treatment program is truly one-of-a-kind and we tailor it to meet the needs of each participant.

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BTT Invites you to register for our Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy Program at Aspenwood, our gorgeous retreat in the north of Toronto.