Self care Sundays

Self care skills are an important foundation of our psychedelic program.

Sessions are available online and in-person. See pricing and program details below.

Make Sundays a Cornerstone of Your Self Care Routine

Are you interested in psychedelics but not ready to take the ketamine?  Have you experienced psychedelic treatment and want to further develop your self care and self regulation skills?  Self Care Sundays may be for you!

If you have been through the rest of our website, you will know that self care skills are an important foundation of our psychedelic program.  However, they are also essential for people who are looking to improve their mental wellbeing, and for healing and transformation.  We have developed Self Care Sundays as an opportunity to learn these skills in a group setting. 

During these sessions you will learn:

  • how to develop and practice a self-care plan that will encourage positive changes, healing and transformation
  • self regulation skills to help cope with changes in mood and emotional wellbeing
  • how to establish your Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) so that positive and constructive ADLs become habits
  • reflection – making time for yourself to take stock, congratulate yourself and plan for further changes
  • how to evaluate your progress against the plans you have developed so you can stay on track and make changes permanent

Self Care Sundays take place on Sunday afternoons at Aspenwood, our gorgeous retreat in the City, and last for two hours. 

The cost of each session is $225.

Ninety-minute online group sessions are also available at a cost of $125 each. 

Please note that these sessions are dependent on sufficient interest.  We will advise you in advance once your session has been scheduled.

Please complete the form below to register your interest in attending.

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