What Can I Expect During the Journey?

Once we have completed the necessary preparatory work for your ketamine dose session, you are ready for your therapeutic journey!

We will stay with you for your entire journey, both for your own safety and to provide assistance if needed.

If you opt for in-person treatment, you will be dosed in a very meticulously designed environment, where the small details of your journey have been planned for to maximize the therapeutic effects.
If you are online, we will work with you to create your environment so it is safe and conducive to healing.

Effects are felt within a few minutes and last for about 45-50 minutes, depending on how your body metabolizes the drug.  While under the influence of ketamine, people report experiencing a state of relaxation and heightened conscious awareness, not possible without decades of meditation practice.

You will be given the opportunity to experience both guided sessions and self-directed sessions. In a guided session, your therapist will take you into a pre-identified specific memory. In a self-directed journey, you let the medicine take you into yourself. You have options. We invite you to make the session yours by letting us know your preferences.