What is Set, Setting & Integration?

 In Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy, Set, Setting and Integration are the essential foundations of a healing journey.

1. Set

The Set refers to all the steps in preparing for your journey. Your mindset for the journey strongly influences your experience, as does the medicine you are taking, and the dose.

Your therapist will spend time helping you develop your unique intention for the journey and teaching you skills to help you through any difficult moments. Before your journey you will have a very clear idea about what you want out of the experience. 

2. Setting

It is broadly accepted that the treatment environment is a crucial ingredient for the success of Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy treatment, and this includes the introduction, the journey and the aftermath of the journey.  We will ensure that you feel safe and supported in our healing environment so that your intended self can emerge from our treatment.  This is the “Setting.”

At Breakthrough Therapies, we have created Aspenwood, our gorgeous city retreat.  Aspenwood is a curated, unique Setting for our in-person dose sessions, a place of peaceful serenity within the City of Toronto.

3. Integration

After the journey, we offer our patients the opportunity for a therapist-guided session to assist you in making meaning from your psychedelic experience.  This is called “integration,” and it is an opportunity for the patient and therapist to review the journey, discuss learnings from the journey and how to make adjustments for optimal outcomes.  It can be difficult to see things in a new way when you have believed something else for a long time. Change may be sudden or gradual, but insights can be anticipated.